men’s back muscles let you know that god is real

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I don’t want you to come running to me
Like you never left.
I’m not an abandoned house.
And if I ever was, I certainly was not yours.
Don’t enter and make yourself at home.
I’m not your last resort
On an island paradise
Away from your crumbling world.

I don’t want you to come running to me
Like a confused lover to his girl,
Like an agnostic to a God.
See, you either come, knowing you will stay,
Or don’t even bother.
Don’t bother leaving my doors and windows open
Shaking a storm in every room
Causing havoc and pain
And then finding the next taxi out of town
Only to ride back when the Winter is harsh.

I am not a holiday.
I am not for rent.
I am not an annual event.
So if you leave,

Never come back.

— A Poem To Sadness, W.J. (via cascadingletters)

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i dont want a job i just want paychecks

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wow you have very nice looking hands…… i bet they would look even better wrapped up in mine…..

or around my dick

or clasped together in prayer askin god to help you see the error of your ways

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